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Elbow : Fractures/Dislocation Elbow
on 2007/5/2 15:10:00 (700 reads)

Elbow fractures usually involve a fall onto the outstretched arm or a direct trauma to the elbow. With elbow dislocations there may be associated nerve and/or blood vessel injuries. X-rays may show the fracture or dislocation but small breaks may be difficult to see.

Fractures are an emergency and immediate reduction (or placing the bones together to allow healing) is necessary. Bone breaks within the joint need special attention to ensure recovery of proper function of the joints.

Possible Treatments
Active Range of Motion (AROM)
Active Assistive Range of Motion (AAROM)
Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy
Progressive Resistive Exercises (PRE)
Passive Range of Motion (PROM)
Physical Agents

Possible Treatment Goals
Improve Function
Improve Muscle Strength and Power
Decrease Postoperative Complications
Improve Range of Motion
Self-care of Symptoms
Improve Safety
Improve Wound Healing

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