Separated Shoulder or Acromioclavicular Separation

Date 2007/5/2 15:30:00 | Topic: Shoulder

An “AC Separation” is commonly the result of a fall on the end of the shoulder. It results in pain, swelling, and often deformity in which it appears that the collar bone is “sticking up.”
Treatment for a separated shoulder usually involves rest, ice, pain and anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy to restore motion. Rarely is surgery indicated. However, sometimes the ligaments that attach the collar bone to the shoulder blade are repaired.

Possible Treatments
Active Range of Motion (AROM)
Active Assistive Range of Motion (AAROM)
Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy
Electrotherapeutic Modalities
Progressive Resistive Exercises (PRE)
Passive Range of Motion (PROM)
Proprioception Exercises
Physical Agents
Soft Tissue Mobilization
Stretching/Flexibility Exercise

Possible Treatment Goals
Improve Function
Optimize Joint Alignment
Improve Muscle Strength and Power
Improve Proprioception
Decrease Postoperative Complications
Improve Range of Motion
Self-care of Symptoms
Improve Tolerance for Prolonged Activities

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