Stress Fractures

Date 2007/5/2 15:40:00 | Topic: Ankle/Foot

These fractures result from repetitive submaximal loads applied to the foot, ankle, leg; they are usually the result of overuse (in athletes, over-training). They are common in long distance runners and female athletes.

Common stress fracture sites include the lower leg (in runners), calcaneus, talus, metatarsals in distance runners, and the big toe.

Pain and point tenderness, often relieved by rest, is typical. X-rays do not always show the fracture. Bone scans and MRI may be useful.
Most heal with rest, immobilization and cross training. Avoid high-impact workouts, and wear good shoes.

Possible Treatments
Active Assistive Range of Motion (AAROM)
Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy
Progressive Resistive Exercises (PRE)
Physical Agents

Possible Treatment Goals
Decrease Risk of Reoccurrence
Improve Function
Improve Muscle Strength and Power
Increase Oxygen to Tissues
Self-care of Symptoms
Improve Safety
Improve Tolerance for Prolonged Activities

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