Does my insurance cover physical therapy?

Requested and Answered by Admin on 03-May-2007 14:19

Does my insurance cover physical therapy?

Most insurers will cover physical therapy however, check your individual plan. we participate in several health plans your treatment program will include:

1. Evaluation
A comprehensive biomechanical examination determines how far you have come on the road to recovery, and how far you have to go. this examination determines the parameters of your injury or condition; including scientific testing for strength, mobility, joint range of motion, ligamentous integrity, reflexes and balance. during this time patient and the therapist set goals for the rehabilitation.

2. Rehabilitation
Sessions with your own therapist help to strengthen weakened muscles, increase flexibility, and improve mobility. the physical therapist may use a variety of treatment techniques to aid in your recovery. these include therapeutic exercise, joint mobilization, range-of-motion exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, therapeutic massage and biofeedback. modalities including; ultrasound, electrotherapy and traction can also be applied during the treatment program to help relieve pain.

3. Education
We explain your injury so that you can understand what happened to your body and how physical therapy can speed up your recovery. we also provide specific guidelines for continuing your progress at home between sessions to either help you return to your former level of activity or help you surpass your prior level of function.

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